Tuesday, March 13

This week's goodwill finds

There are several places I stop on my thrift store trips, 2-3 goodwill stores and 2 thrift stores near my house. I know which ones will have unique pieces, and which ones will have classic thrift store finds. Here is a unique find from my favorite goodwill. I picked this up for $3.50. I cleaned it up well and it's neatly displayed in my kitchen, happy to hold the latest fresh fruit!

And this is from another goodwill that I consider a classic find, a banker's lamp. I have always wanted one and grabbed this one for $6 before anyone else could!

 I rarely ever go to goodwill with someone in mind. I never know what will be there so if it's on my mental list of items I want to have or if it just looks interesting, I'll get it.

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