Monday, August 27

Something Yellow

After painting my buffet I knew I wanted to compliment the Juniper color with yellow. It just seemed like the right color combination. How was I going to incorporate it? I was patient and waited.

Then one day while searching through the art section of Goodwill Auction online I saw it. It was perfect.

Large Picture

I love anything to do with piano, but normally art is pretty cheesy when it has a piano in it. But this was a replica of an old advert for A. Bord pianos from the late 19th century. There was no damage to the frame or print, it was in great condition! Sold! I snagged this lovely for $5. With shipping it was about $25. That's better than the retail price $214.99 sold here .

I could not wait to hang this up! 

I'm so happy with it. Every time I add on to a room I can't help but walk by it every 5 minutes and smile.