Sunday, March 18

Beethoven's Home

On my weekly thrift store trip I made an unusual stop to an antique store. Unfortunately it is located next door to a goodwill and their prices seem really high after having visited their neighbor. When I was in the parking lot walking into Goodwill I spotted something and I wanted it-- it was sitting next to a truck. A white plaster pedastal. It's on my list because of Beethoven, who I shared several days ago. Beethoven needs a pedastal. He deserves a pedastal. I never thought I would find one, especially in my price range. Like this one from for $69.99.
Pretty, but out of my microscopic price range.
I was hoping the person in the truck was taking the pedestal into the antique shop to I went into goodwill, bought a chair and took it to my car. The pedestal was gone. I almost went home, but decided to try the antique store. I walked around desperately looking for the lovely white pedestal. Nothing. I approached one of the last booths in the store and there it was. It was all alone and had no price tag. I knew the man in the truck brought it in to sell. I waited for him to come back and asked how much he wanted for it. "$18.95." I would like to say I didn't hesitate and yelled "I'LL TAKE IT!!!!" But I did hesitate. I was hoping he would say $10. With the knowledge that he just put it out, I knew it would sell quickly. I didn't even haggle, it was a good price. He even carried it to my car.

Beethoven is happy. I am happy. My students love it and I get to teach them about Beethoven while they stare at his face. It is truly wonderful.

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