Monday, March 19

DIY: Gold Painted Bookends

I read this great post from Centsational Girl on how to style bookshelves. While reading I saw the goodwill finds she painted gold and used as bookends. I went to my nearby thrift store and picked up a couple myself, grabbed some primer and spray paint and made my own.

The purple vase and brown/white jug were $1 at a local thrift store. They are heavy, clay creations, but did not have the best paint job. The great green Grecian...(oh, alliteration almost worked) pitcher I picked that up at an antique store for $5. It has really great details that I thought would stand out when painted. I grabbed some spray primer and gold spray paint and began.
I'm generally a patient person. But with painting it's difficult for me. I want the prime coat to cover the first time. I've learned since doing these bookends. Thick coats lead to drips and more work. Next time I'll do one thin coat, let it dry, then another coat, let it dry, then another coat if needed. THEN I will paint. But I did all of these in like...30 minutes. Don't judge. I'm new to this and was really excited. 
I did have to sand down some drips after the prime coats dried. Then I sprayed with gold spray paint. I did 2 coats of gold. 

Ta-da! I like them and once I paint the back of the bookshelves they will stand out even more!

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