Sunday, March 11

The Joy of Being Frugal

I would not call myself a materialistic person, however, there are many things I would like to have. I am patient and wait for them to cross my path. That is the key of successful frugality. It doesn't mean depriving my family of having things, but it does not place importance on having them right now. For me, it's not about just having stuff, it's about finding treasures to place in my home to enjoy each day.

We have lived in our house a year. Our first house. We hope it's "the one," by that I mean we hope to remain here for decades to come. It's a lovely home, but quite difficult to fill. I've slowly started to accumulate pieces of furniture from family and second hand stores, but I have a long, long way to go. I have found enjoyment shopping at goodwill and thrift stores, hunting for quality items at bargain prices. So far I've had some luck and can not believe my savings.

This is my way of documenting my frugal adventure in decorating my home.

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