Monday, March 12

My first goodwill purchase

I went into goodwill for the first time not knowing what to expect. I had never been before and didn't know where to begin. I started at the furniture, and spotted something right away. A children's school desk. The price was marked $7. I decided to walk around and think about it. So I did...and after 5 minutes went back to get it.

IT WAS GONE. Yes, I watched it walk out the door with a woman and her small child. I was happy for them. I say that with a forced smile while gritting my teeth. Lesson learned...if I like it, take it, otherwise someone else will.

I continued, and stumbled upon a decanter. It was slender and round, unlike most square decanters. It had the original top (which goodwill heavily taped on, so they remain together), and it was in good condition.

And that was it. I bought it and left. And that is the beginning of my thrifting story. so much has happened since that lovely day.

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