Thursday, March 15

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores contain a collection of items people are trying to sell but don't have a store to do it in. The store then receives a percentage of the sale, so it's a win win for everyone involved, including the consumers.

There are many bargains to be found at consignment stores, I particularly enjoy the ones that sell furniture and home goods. There is a good bit to look at, so I prefer to take my time and really find some treasures. Consignment stores are also good places to haggle...or bargain with the manager. Sometimes items have been on the floor for awhile so it's best to ask to a discount if you're interested in something. For example...

I went in to a local consignment store and found some books...I love buying books. I spotted a plaster cast bust of Beethoven (who I mistakenly thought was Mozart at the time...I mean they DO look alike), but I didn't pick it up. The $18 price tag seemed high to me. With books in hand I proceeded to the check out counter. I asked the woman when items get marked down because I had my eye on that bust of Mozart (Beethoven). She went and grabbed it...looked up the seller and gave me 20% off instantly!! I was floored and so excited to take my man Beethoven home. After looking at it closely it says "BEETHOVEN" on the bust. Ha.  

For $14.40 I found a great piece that I love. As a music teacher it fits my style and serves as a talking piece with my students. I love it!

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