Wednesday, May 15

Basement Overhaul!

When I was a kid I used to stand by the light switch before going to bed. Once I turned off the light I would run in an all out sprint and leap onto my bed hoping that the creature who had taken up residence under the bed wouldn't grab my feet. As an adult I found I did the same thing when leaving my basement. 


Our basement had been a storage unit for two years. It was the part of the home tour we left off. 

"Oh, you have a basement?"
"Uh, sort of?"
"Is it not finished?"
"It is...but, it's gross. I'm sorry you but you can't see it."

My most insistent guests would soon regret their eagerness to view the dingy dungeon. The photo below brings back so many memories. The make-shift cat house I built from our moving boxes (sorry, no tutorial!), the rugs I accumulated from family members, the stains on the carpet from previous owners, the in-your-face-overhead lighting, the black hole of death leading to the adjacent room...and the list goes on. We pitied our cat having to go down there to use the litter box. Ah, how depressing it was to change our cat's litter. HA! Who am I kidding...that was my husband's job until I took on this project...why would I want to willingly go to the basement?! Are you crazy?! Just look at it! I'm sorry...this picture really tests my nerves.   

But enough of that. Since I've known my husband he's always wanted a drum  set. Long story short, I made it my mission to get him one for his birthday. With the help of some amazing friends I landed the deal of the century on a beautiful drum set on Craigslist. That created a problem. 

Where was I going to put it? 
It had to go in the basement.                
But we don't go in the basement.                       
I had to fix that.                                    
With the help of my wonderful father...we did just that.                                              

It started with paint. I chose Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. It's not as blue as it looks above. I just have a bad camera (sorry!). Then came the trim. I shudder thinking of the grossness that once laid upon that poor trim. Then came the wall of records. Dad bought 6 foot pieces of thin boards and used his router to make a slit just wide enough to hold records. He painted them black and we secured them to the studs in the wall. All we had to do was slip in the most attractive records I had. Did you know not all record covers are the same size? That was annoying.

this is an accurate portrayal of the paint color

Once the records were up I used the space as a workshop for about 2 weeks to makeover my retro music
cabinet. The record player did not function so I gutted it. Ripped out the speakers, cleaned it, sanded it, painted it. I used ASCP in Old White for the outside and SW Juniper for the inside where the speakers once were. Grabbed a few knobs at Hobby Lobby, put in some baskets I had and ta-da!

That plug in the middle of the wall really grinds my gears.

I have quite a few instruments, ukulele, mandolin, electric guitar, acousitc guitar, tambourine, drum set, cow bell, keyboard and a harmonica. They all have a home now. The posters I found on Craigslist. Do you see the chalkboard in the distance...that's one of my favorite parts of the new basement!


This was the first thing my husband saw as he walked down to see the rest of his present. It's now become a favorite spot for family members, young and old alike! It was so easy to paint, the hardest part was waiting three days for the wall to cure. 

This room is now my husband's favorite spot. He's a natural drummer and we spend a lot of time playing and learning new songs. The adjacent room received a mini-makeover by rearranging the furniture in a more appealing way. It will one day get an overhaul like the music room...but for now, it'll do.


 And just for kicks...a side by side before and after!